Weston Business Center

Weston Business Center

Weston Business Center

The Weston Business Center is a mix use office/industrial building that houses the American Express Global Solutions Center, a 24/7 facility that prints and mails customers’ American Express card statements.

Why was Advanced chosen?

Advanced Roofing was selected as the most qualified roofing contractor to re-roof the 225,000 ft2 rooftop in Weston because of its 30+ years of experience developing unique and challenging re-roofing projects in the southeastern United States. Additionally, Advanced Roofing’s experience, healthy balance sheet and commitment to quality allow it to provide bonding of $20 million for individual projects and up to $100 million in aggregate bonding.

Advanced maintains one of the highest safety standards in the industry. A full-time safety officer routinely visits and inspects the job site to ensure everything is beyond OSHA compliant. In addition, all of Advanced Roofing’s foremen and construction managers have received OSHA 30 hour certifications.

A Unique Climate Requires Unique Construction Methods

The Weston Business Center required a durable but easy to install roofing membrane to meet the timeframe and work schedule. The key challenges were weather, sensitive printing equipment, 24/7 operation requirements, energy efficiency, removal of 27 skylights, and staging.

In the summer, South Florida experiences high intensity sun exposure, torrential rainfall and fierce winds, so a durable roofing system was needed that could be installed quickly. With the entire facility running around the clock and being air-conditioned, energy efficiency and staging was a significant challenge. Advanced was limited in the staging area of cranes, placing dumpsters, and other equipment. During the removal of the old roof, 37 skylights had to be removed and replaced with metal decking, all while minimizing dust and preventing disruptions to operations below.

After a thorough analysis, Energy Star-rated Sika Sarnail 48-mil S327 membrane was chosen as the system of choice because of its ease of installation, durability to withstand constant abuse from the environment, and would increase the building’s energy efficiency.

The Result

weston_business_centerThe result is a lightning-protected, new, high efficiency white roof that will provide greater energy efficiency throughout the building. Being a partner of Florida Power and Light (FPL), Advanced Roofing was able to offer the owner a $0.45/ft2 rebate from FPL which added up to over $100,000 in rebates with a total energy savings of $790,000 over the 15-year warranty period. The roof is Miami-Dade approved to withstand the frequent hurricanes and provide the owner and tenant alike with the peace of mind needed to maintain a highly productive work environment.

Project Awards

Advanced Roofing is proud to have participated in the annual Sika Sarnafil Project of the Year competition, and received the title of Runner Up in the Low-Slope roofing category.