Why Lightning Protection?

Each year, thousands of properties are damaged or destroyed by lightning.  Lightning accounts for more than a third of a billion dollars in property damage annually in the United States, and Florida experiences the highest incidence of lightning strikes in the country.

In most years, lightning is responsible for more deaths and property loss than tornadoes, hurricanes and floods combined, but of these violent forces of nature, lightning is the only one that can be affordably protected against.  Let us assist you in providing protection for your residents, employees, and customers.

Advanced Lightning Systems’ fully licensed lightning protection professionals with many years of lightning protection system design, installation and service experience.  Ask us about our no-charge survey of your building.

Lightning protection systems consist of air terminals (lightning rods) and associated fittings connected by heavy cables to grounding equipment, providing a path for lightning current to travel safely to ground. Installation of UL listed surge arresters at your service and telephone equipment prevents surges from entering the building(s) over power or telephone lines. Surges are diverted to ground, and both wiring and appliances are protected. Installation of a UL Master Label Lightning Protection System complies with current nationally recognized codes.

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Florida is the lightning capital of the United States

Being in the midst of Florida’s peak lightning season is yet another reason to trust Advanced Lightning Systems to protect your property with a lightning protection system. According to the National Weather Service, the number of annual thunderstorm days in the central Florida area are as follows:

  • East coast (Melbourne/Vero Beach) = 70-80
  • Interior (Orlando) = 80-90
  • West coast (Lakeland) = 90-100

Peak Lightning Season